BKT TR-459 Industrial Tractor Tire 18.4x28 (12 Ply) (TL)

BKT TR-459 Industrial Tractor Tire
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Recommended Rim Width:
16 Inches
Section Width:
18.6 Inches
Overall Diameter:
54.1 Inches
Static Loaded Radius:
24 Inches
Wheel Not included
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BKT TR-459 Industrial Tractor Tire 18.4x28

The BKT TR-459 industrial tractor tire was designed for the drive wheel of industrial tractors. The BKT TR-459 industrial tractor tire was built with a pattern having extra wide lugs with extensive overlap at the center giving resistance to buckling, tearing or cracking. BKT TR-459 industrial tractor tire features a super compound and tough nylon casing providing excellent performance in industrial use as well as off road and construction applications .For BKT TR-459 industrial tractor tires, call or order from our online tire store today!


Manufacturer: BKT Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 94016648
Tread Pattern: R-4
Load Range: F
Ply Rating: 12
Recommended Rim Width: 16 Inches
Section Width: 18.6 Inches
Overall Diameter: 54.1 Inches
Static Loaded Radius: 24 Inches
Rolling Circumference: 159 Inches
NSD: 36 (32nds)
Tire Weight: 206lbs
Type: Tubeless Tire
Load Capacity @ 25mph A8 Load Index: 155
Load Capacity @ 25mph Maximum Load: 8545lbs
Inflation Pressure: 36 psi

18.4x28 18.4-28 18428

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