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Farm and Tractor Tires

Farm tractor tires come in many shapes and sizes for all different types of applications. Farm Tractor Tires also come on both bias ply and radial designs. Bias ply tractor tires are generally less expensive then radial farm tractor tires, but do not offer the smooth ride, long tread life and reduced soil compaction of radial farm tractor tires. Radial farm tractor tires help reduce soil compaction, improve traction and help to improve your farm tractors fuel economy. No matter if you choose bias ply or radial farm tractor tires, Pete's Tire Barns has an extensive selection of tires for type and sizes of tractors

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In addition to farm tractor tires, we also carry farm implement tires, compact tractor tires, highway mowing tires and turf tires. Whether you're looking for a tire for hay wagon, manure spreader or baler tires we carry most sizes and styles of farm implement tires.Not all work around the farm is done by tractor and implements. We know many farms use backhoes, front end loaders and skid steers. That’s why Pete's Tire Barns carries backhoe tires, front end loader tires and skid steer tires from BKT Tire, Carlisle Tire, Firestone Tire, Michelin Tire, Nokian Tire and more.

No matter your farm tire need from bias ply to radial and turf tire to tractor tire,Pete's Tire Barns has the farm tires and tractor tires to keep your equipment moving!