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10.00-20 Advance E-2A Excavator Tire (16 Ply) (TT)

Part Number:114004G
10.00-20 Advance E-2A Excavator Tire (16 Ply) (TT)
Advance E-2A Excavator Tire
The E-2A tire from Advance is a bias ply excavator tire designed for heavy duty use
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10.00-20 Advance E-2A Excavator Tire (16 Ply) (TT)

The E-2A tire from Advance is a bias ply excavator tire designed for heavy duty use. The Advance E-2A has a directional tread pattern which provides excellent traction, good self cleaning and good on road performance which makes them an excellent choice for wheeled excavators. For Advance E-2A Excavator Tires, call or order from our online tire store today!

Manufacturer: Advance Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 114004G
Ply Rating: 16 Ply
Speed Symbol: E
Section Width: 11 Inches
Overall Diameter: 42.3 Inches
Tread Depth: 25.2 (32nds)
Max Load: 6615 lbs
Max Pressure: 117 psi
Tire Type: Tube Type Tire
Tire Weight: 124.65 lbs
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Advance Tire is a brand of the GTC North America tire company. GTC is a supplier of original equipment tires for many major manufacturers and builds a variety of tire for commercial trucks, buses, earthmoving equipment, industrial and agricultural equipment. Building both bias ply and radial tires, GTC has both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications and produces over five million tires every year.

With a tire catalog that covers more than 1000 sizes, GTC Tire employs nearly 9,000 people around the globe with multiple sales offices, one manufacturing campus with multiple plants, research centers and test facilities. GTC is on a mission to provide quality, defect free tires delivered on time to meet the needs to customers throughout the world and to provide the ultimate in consumer satisfaction. They believe their first commitment is to the customer who uses and supports their products and programs. Built on a long-term commitment to providing DOT compliant tires built with high standards and premium customer service. GTC delivers on time, defect free, competitive products and services.


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