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10R22.5 Firestone FD663 Commercial Truck Tire (12 Ply)

Part Number:281034
10R22.5 Firestone FD663 Commercial Truck Tire (12 Ply)
Firestone FD663 Commercial Truck Tire
Open Shoulder Drive Tire
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10R22.5 Firestone FD663 Commercial Truck Tire (12 Ply) 

The FD663 from Firestone Tire is a radial drive tire for commercial trucks used for local pickup and delivery and special service applications. The FD663 radial truck tire tread features tie bars to control movement of tread blocks.  These tire bars help minimize irregular and promotes long tire life. Featuring an open-shoulder tread design, the FD663 tire provides traction in mud and snow conditions.  Built with four full width steel belts improves casing durability which promotes retread-ability. FD663 tires feature rubber compounds that promote slow wearing in the tread and cool-running in the base, this promotes longer tire life and improved retread-ability.  For the Firestone FD663 commercial truck tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

Manufacturer: Firestone Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 281-034 
Ply Rating: 12
Max Speed: 75 mph 
Overall Diameter: 40.5 Inches
Section Width: 9.8 Inches
Tread Depth: 25 (32nds)
Recommended Rim: 7.50
Weight: 110 lbs
Single Max Load Pressure: 5205 lbs at 100 psi
Dual Max Load Pressure: 4940 lbs at 100 psi
Revolutions Per Mile: 451
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The Firestone FD663 commonly replaces the following tires:
Yokohama TY303
Hankook DH06
Hankook Z35A
Yokohama SY767

Firestone manufacturers tires in many of the most common sizes to fits commercial trucks and trailers in use today. Each of these tires is purpose built to fit a wheel position, application or terrain. Firestone commercial truck tires are built to provide long lasting, reliable performance and dependable retread-ability.

Firestone Tire was started by Harvey Firestone in the 1900's in Akron Ohio and has a long history of building quality, innovative products. With a full range of tire and tire related products ranging from car and light truck tires to farm and forestry tires. Firestone Tire also builds a full line of tire tubes for all types and sizes of tires. Firestone is known throughout the world for tires, tubes and rubber products.

Firestone has been a member of the Bridgestone tire family of companies since 1988 and the combined companies have over 50 manufacturing facilities and employs in excess of 50,000 people throughout the world. Firestone tire is committed to the tire industry and to serving their customers with quality, innovative products that are built to perform. 


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