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11R22.5 ACTN DR680 Commercial Truck Tire (16 Ply)

Part Number:1213511226
11R22.5 ACTN DR680 Commercial Truck Tire (16 Ply)
ACTN DR680 Commercial Truck Tire
Drive Tire
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11R22.5 ACTN DR680 Commercial Truck Tire (16 Ply)

Introducing the exceptional ACTN branded commercial truck tire lineup, which is exclusively available through Pete's Tire Barns and select members of the American Commercial Tire Network. The ACTN tires are engineered to perfection and feature a state-of-the-art sidewall profile, along with a proprietary steel-belt package, resulting in even contact pressure with the road's surface, leading to enhanced handling, stability, and uniform wear.

The tires are manufactured using cap/base construction, enhancing casing durability, allowing for greater heat dissipation, lower running costs, and easy retreading. Their tread compounds are formulated with the latest technological advancements to provide maximum performance and durability for every application.

Moreover, ACTN tires feature a two-compound filler in the bead contour, facilitating a more exact, concentric fitment in the mounting process. This results in greater overall uniformity and virtually eliminates vibration problems, regardless of the application. Furthermore, each ACTN tire is factory-balanced and screened for free radial runout, enhancing ride quality.

The tires' construction includes a proprietary wire wrap within the steel belt package, resulting in less overall tread movement and a wider footprint. This feature promotes stability, durability, and long-lasting performance.

ACTN Branded Commercial Truck tires offer major construction differences over other tire designs. They are backed by the largest network of independent tire dealers in North America, designed and manufactured for use on North American roads, and undergo expanded FMVSS 119 endurance testing beyond the regulatory limit.

The tires' cap-base construction ensures lower operating costs with low cost per mile performance. Additionally, each tire is dynamically balanced at the factory, and every tire is tested for free radial run-out at the factory.

Manufacturer: ACTN
Manufacturers Part Number: 1213511226
Ply Rating: 16
Load/Speed Index: 146/143 M
Overall Diameter: 41.9 Inches
Section Width: 11.0 Inches
Tread Depth: 27 (32nds)
Load Capacity Single 6610 @ 120 psi.
Load Capacity Dual 6005 @ 120 psi
Weight: 120 lbs


Wheel Not Included
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