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14x4.00-6 Honda Snowblower Tires

Posted by on 10/23/2013 to Utility

Honda Snowblower Tires

We get calls on a regular basis from customers looking for a tire for their lawn tractor or snow blower but they cannot seem to find it anywhere but the dealer. Usually the tire size is slightly different from a standard tire size and the customer can only seem to find the tire at the dealer. Many different types of equipment come from the manufacturer with a tire size that is only available through the equipment dealer network. This creates two problems, the customer may not have a dealer in their area and the dealer may charge them a significant amount more for that tire.

The easiest way to solve that problem is to find an alternate tire fitment for the equipment. Many times this can be done without having to change the wheels.

Snow Blower Tire Example

A Honda Snow blower fitted with 14x4.00-6 tires. This is not a common tire size available in the specialty tire aftermarket. Carlisle Tire does make two different tires that could be used in this application.

The closest fitment is the Carlisle Super Lug 14x4.50-6 . This tire has an aggressive lug tread design to provide good traction and stability. This tire is 14.5 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide.

Another fitment is the Carlisle Snow Hog 4.10-6, This tire has one the most common snow blower treads on the market and is found as the original equipment for many snow blower manufacturers. This tire is 12.8 inches tall and 4.0 inches wide. The most important thing to check is to make sure your snow blower will still have good ground clearance with the shorter tires.

Also available is the Carlisle XTRAC 13x4.00-6, This tire has a power lug tread, which is great for snow removal applications. This tire is 12.8 inches tall and 4.0 inches wide.

No matter which tire you pick, it is important to match the size and tread of the tires.

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