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16.9-30 Primex Logstomper LS-2 Forestry Tire (16 Ply) (TT)

Part Number:464564
16.9-30 Primex Logstomper LS-2 Forestry Tire (16 Ply) (TT)
Primex Logstomper LS-2 Forestry Tire
The Primex Logstomper LS-2 Forestry Tire offers superior traction and self-cleaning abilities
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16.9-30 Primex Logstomper LS-2 Forestry Tire (16 Ply) (TT)

The Primex Logstomper LS-2 Forestry tire is designed for grapple skidders. With a 34-degree tread bar, the Primex Logstomper LS-2 offers superior traction and self cleaning abilities. For the Primex Logstomper LS-2 call or order from our online tire store today!

Manufacturer: Primex Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 453564
Tread Design: LS-2
Load Range: H
Ply Rating: 16
Tire Type: Tube Type Tire
Recommended Rim: D/W15L
Section Width: 16.3 Inches
Overall Diameter: 58.6 Inches
Static Loaded Radius: 26.3 Inches
Rolling Circumference: 175.3 Inches
Tire Weight: 324 lbs
Load Capacity: 10,500
Inflation Pressure: 45 psi
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Primex tire is a member of the Alliance tire family of tire manufacturers. Primex tire builds specialty tires that are designed for focused market demands. Primex tire provides customers with products and solutions are purpose built for specific applications.

Primex is known throughout the world for their line of skidded and forestry tires. With famous brands like Logstomper, Primex is often the brand of choice for forestry applications throughout the world.  Log stomper tires are known for their traction, penetration resistance and long life.  Log stomper tires can be found a variety of forestry equipment including log-skidders, harvesters, forwarders and forestry tractors. In addition to its line of forestry tires, Primex also builds mining tires, earth mover tires and industrial tire. Primex offers high value by engineering world-class and durable tires at affordable prices.

Alliance Tire has sales in excess of 500 million dollars and employs over 1200 people throughout the world.  The Alliance Tire Group is made up of three of the most well known brands in tire industry; Alliance Tire, Galaxy Tire and Primex Tire. Building tires with a combination of experience and innovative engineering has allowed Alliance Tire to produce some of the best known tires in the world.


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