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20x7-8 ATV Tires

Tires come in many tread patterns and sizes, one size available today is the 20x7-8 ATV tire.  These tires are found on many different types of all terrain and utility vehicles on the the market today.Whether you use your ATV for trail riding, mud bogging, ranch or farm work, Pete's Tire Barns the right tire for your equipment. Find 20x7-8 ATV tires for your 4 wheelers, quads and UTVs today.
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20x7-8 BKT AT108 ATV Tire (4 Ply)
AT108 tires have rugged construction with 4 ply casing for puncture resistance.BKT AT108 ATV Tire have a proven tread design for good traction
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AT20x7-8 Carlisle Trail Wolf ATV Tire
The Carlisle Trail Wolf ATV tire features a deep, wrap-around tread and stiff sidewalls which give this tire excellent cornering control. The Carlisle Trail Wolf ATV tire is an extended wear product, thanks to in part to its formulated rubber compound.
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