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315/80R22.5 Michelin X MULTIWAY 3D XZE Commercial Truck Tire (20 Ply)

Part Number:24903
315/80R22.5 Michelin X MULTIWAY 3D XZE Commercial Truck Tire (20 Ply)
Michelin X MULTIWAY 3D XZE Commercial Truck Tire
All Position Tire for Regional and Coach Applications
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315/80R22.5 Michelin X MULTIWAY 3D XZE Commercial Truck Tire (20 Ply)

The X Multiway 3D XZE tire from Michelin is an all position tire that was designed for use in regional and coach applications. The Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE offers improved fuel economy and long tire life. Featuring a 25 percent breaking distance reduction and enhanced grip in all weather conditions over the lifespan of the tire, the Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE' tire's 3D sipes allow the tire to excel in wintry conditions on smooth and slippery road conditions. the Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE also boasts a 15 percent increase in tread life for front tires and a 30 percent increase for rear tires thanks to an optimized tread design and compound that allows for even wear. The Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE also boasts an extended casing life to maximize retreadability with a full width elastic protector ply that resists punctures and impact shocks. A rectangular bead bundle also reduces the fatigue seen from heat generation.

Manufacturer: Michelin Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 24903
Load Range: L
Ply Rating: 20 Ply
Loaded Radius: 19.8 Inches
Overall Diameter: 42.6 Inches
Overall Width: 12.4 Inches
Approved Rims: 9.0, 9.75
Minimum Dual Spacing: 13.8
RPM: 488
Tread Depth: 21 (32nds)
Max Speed: 75 MPH
Max Load (Single): 9090 lbs at 130 psi
Max Load (Dual): 8270 lbs at 130 psi
Tire Weight: 140 lbs
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Michelin Tire is a global leader in the production and distribution of all types of tires. Michelin North America is the US branch of Michelin Tire and has operations in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Michelin North America maintains headquarters and manufacturing plants in each of these countries which further demonstrates their commitment to their valued customers.

Michelin manufacturers and distributes tires for all kinds of vehicles including automobiles, farm equipment, commercial trucks, construction and off the road equipment. With over 22,000 employees and 19 manufacturing facilities Michelin focuses on building high quality, innovative tires designed to last. Michelin's research and development department employs over 1000 people, most of them engineers. Which is why Michelin continues to be a market leader in the tire industry.


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