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4 Types of ATV Tires

Posted by on 4/28/2015 to ATV

4 Types of ATV Tires

Putting new tires on any vehicle is a pain. There are simply too many options. Choosing the perfect ATV tires can be just as harrowing. There are four main types of tires designed for use on ATVs. They each have their own set of uses, which makes it important to know the differences between them. 

All-Terrain Tires 
The most basic and most important type of ATV tires is the all-terrain tire. No matter what type of ATV riding you will be doing, these tires are great. They are versatile and provide great performance wherever and however you use your ATV. These are prefect for trail riding and any standard form of ATV usage. 

Mud Tires 
If you are a big fan of mudding, these tires are for you. They have the grip and bite necessary to pull you through even the thickest and deepest mud you can find. Characterized by directional treads and deep lugs, these tires give you the best possible traction in any muddy environment. 

Sand Tires
If sand is your passion, you are in luck. Sand tires are a great way to play in the dunes, in the desert or on the beach. Sets of these tires have different treads for the back and front wheels. The front tires are large and round with a single tread down the middle to make the wheels float over the sand and control turning, respectively. The rear tires have horizontal treads which give them traction in a sandy environment. 

Sport and Racing Tires 
If you want to go fast or race your ATV, you will need sport tires. These sets feature different tires for the front and the rear, as well. The front tires are fatter, which provides for quicker turns. The rear tires are wide and low for improved cornering. These are lightweight and durable tires, which makes them great for enduring the punishment of racing. 

 Picking the right ATV tires for your needs is an important part of getting the best use out of your vehicle. Choose the tires which best fit how and when you want to use your ATV.
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