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480/80R50 Michelin Agribib 2 Radial Tractor Tire (159A8/159B)

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480/80R50 Michelin Agribib 2 Radial Tractor Tire (159A8/159B)
Michelin Agribib 2 Radial Tractor Tire
The Michelin Agribib 2 radial tractor offers premium performance at an affordable price for for tractors from 60 to 170 HP, and up to 500 HP with dual fitment.
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480/80R50 Michelin Agribib Radial Tractor Tire (159A8/159B)

The Michelin Agribib 2 radial tractor tire features deep lugs and a special rubber compound designed to reduce wear and provide long tire life. The new Agribib 2 has a 45-degree lug angle tread pattern for a better transfer of traction power to the ground.. Built with strong, but flexible sidewalls, the Michelin Agribib 2 has a long footprint that puts more lugs in contact with soil. Michelin tractor tires self cleaning hinge keeps the tread free of mud for excellent traction in wet conditions. The Michelin Agribib 2 also offers a 15-percent increase in load index over its predecessor.

Strong but super-flexible sidewalls allow a long footprint, putting more lugs in direct contact with the soil. Michelin's exclusive "self-cleaning hinge" between the lugs ensures that the tread stays free of mud for maximum pulling power in wet conditions. Low air pressures, give this time excellent flotation properties for reduce soil damage and compaction. The Michelin Agribib 2 Tire has a swept-back 45 degree tread lug for smooth ride on and off the road. For the Michelin Agribib 2 radial tractor tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

Manufacturer: Michelin Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 263049-A
Standard Size: 159A8/159B
Recommended Rim: DW15A
Alternate Rim: DW16A
Section Width: 18.3 Inches
Overall Diameter: 80.7 Inches
Rolling Circumference: 240.8 Inches
Tread Depth: 68 (32nds)
Max Load: 10,318 lbs
Tire Weight: 405.7 lbs
Tire Type: Tubeless Tire (this tire can be used with a tube, but does not require one)
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Michelin Tire is a global leader in the production and distribution of all types of tires. Michelin North America is the US branch of Michelin Tire and has operations in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Michelin North America maintains headquarters and manufacturing plants in each of these countries which further demonstrates their commitment to their valued customers.

Michelin manufacturers and distributes tires for all kinds of vehicles including automobiles, farm equipment, commercial trucks, construction and off the road equipment. With over 22,000 employees and 19 manufacturing facilities Michelin focuses on building high quality, innovative tires designed to last. Michelin's research and development department employs over 1000 people, most of them engineers. Which is why Michelin continues to be a market leader in the tire industry.


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