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7.50-20 Farm and Tractor Tires

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7.50x20 Firestone I-1 Farm Implement Tire (6 Ply) (TL)
The Firestone I-1 Farm Implement Tire was specially designed for top performance on free-rolling wheels on wagons and trailers.
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7.50-20 BKT AS-504 I-3 All Terrain Traction Tire (8 Ply) (TT)
The BKT AS-504 I3 All Terrain Traction Tires was engineered to provide excellent traction to the drive wheels and is suited for both implement and industrial or construction tire applications.
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7.50-20 BKT TF-9090 F-2 Front Farm Tractor Tire (6 Ply) (TT)
The TF-9090 tire from BKT is an F-2 front tractor tire that features a 3 rib design for easy steering.
In Stock.
7.50-20 Firestone Duo Rib Planter I-1 Tire (4 Ply) (TL)
The Firestone Duo Rib Planter I-1 tire was specially designed to firm the soil around planted seeds.
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7.50R20 Kleber Super Vigne Radial Tractor Tire
The Kleber Super Vigne radial tractor tire was specially designed for vineyard and small orchard farming applications.
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