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850/50x30.5 Alliance 328 Flotation Implement Tire I-3 (16 Ply) (TL)
The Alliance 328 flotation implement tire features a tubeless design with excellent self cleaning properties. This tire is often used on agricultural implements and is most often found on towed equipment.
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850/50R30.5 BKT Ride Max FL 693 Radial Flotation Tire
The BKT Ride Max FL693 radial flotation tire was specially designed for use on spreaders, slurry tankers and trailers that also spend tire on the road.
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850/50-30.5 BKT Flotation 648 Flotation Tire (16 Ply) (TL)
The Flotation 648 tire from BKT is a high flotation tire often found on farm implements and trailers. The Flotation 648 was specially designed to carry heavy loads at low inflation pressures, minimizing soil compaction and preventing crop damage.
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850/50R30.5 Michelin CargoXBib Flotation Tire
CargoXbib tires offer maximum flotation, while minimizing rutting and damage to soil. Built with a low roll resistance design, the CargoXbib reduces the power needed to pull trailers which results in improved fuel economy and increased productivity.
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