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ATV Tires: Ply Rating vs. Star Rating

Posted by on 10/14/2013 to ATV

Ply Rating vs. Star Rating

The term ply rating is seen on many different types of tires, it is a measure of the tires strength. When is comes to ATV Tires, the term star rating is a measurement of inflation pressure and is often found on tires with AT designation. Some ATV tires explicitly state the ply rating on the sidewall. If the sidewall of the ATV tire does not list a ply rating, you will instead find star symbols on the sidewall. Each star equals a 2-ply rating. For example: One star on the sidewall of a tire means the tire is 2-ply rated. Two stars on the sidewall means the tire is 4-ply rated. Three stars indicate a 6-ply rating.

Star Rating Pressure Chart

  • A 1 Star (*) tire has a “maximum operating pressure” of 4 PSI.
  • A 2 Star (**) tire has a “maximum operating pressure” of 5 PSI.
  • A 3 Star (***) tire has a “maximum operating pressure” of 7 PSI.

The system of ply ratings is an indicator of the strength of the tire. Originally based on the actual number of plies of rubber used in the tire, with modern materials such as steel and nylon, ply ratings are now used to demonstrate the strength of the tire or how much weight it can carry.

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