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Alliance 550 Radial Tractor Tire

Alliance 550 Radial Tractor Tire
Alliance 550 Radial Tractor Tire

Alliance 550 Radial Tractor Tire

The Alliance 550 radial skid steer tire was specially designed for use on industrial tractors, backhoe loaders, tractors used on hard surfaces and compact construction equipment. The Alliance 550 features a special block tread design for high performance on snowy and sandy terrains. The high number of tread blocks and rubber to void ratio provide long tire life, improved fuel economy in hard surface applications. The steel belted casing provides puncture protection and even tread wear. For the Alliance 550 radial skid steer tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

Alliance tire is a member of the Alliance tire group of tire manufacturers. Alliance tires builds specialty tires that are designed for focused market demands. Alliance tire provides customers with products and solutions are purpose built for specific applications.

Alliance is known as an industry leader in both row crop and flotation tires with a full lineup of tires for all kinds of tractors, sprayers and spreaders.  With a wide variety of sizes, tread patterns and prices, alliance tire builds tires that work. Working from their success in the agricultural markets, Alliance tire produces a full line of forestry, construction and earthmover tires.

As a leading tire manufacturer for more than 50 years, Alliance Tire has sales in excess of 500 million dollars and employs over 1200 people throughout the world.  The Alliance Tire Group is made up of three of the most well known brands in tire industry; Alliance Tire, Galaxy Tire and Primex Tire. Building tires with a combination of experience and innovative engineering has allowed Alliance Tire to produce some of the best known tires in the world.

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