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BKT Bog Max Tire

Posted by on 5/5/2016 to ATV
If you need an all-terrain or utility-terrain tire to get your vehicle through the mud and muck, the BKT Bog Max Tire might be for you. Specially designed for use in deep mud, this tire works well for ATV and UTV mud bog racing.

Choose a Tire That Will Get You Through the Bog

You want to win your races, not get mired down in a mud bog. A tire that carries too much mud, is easily punctured or will get swamped in shallow water could not only cost you the race, it could be dangerous for you and other riders on the track. For mud racing, you need a tire that offers durability as well as traction and speed through water and deep mud. The BKT Bog Max Tire has many features that make it an ideal tire for ATV and UTV mud bog racing:

Six ply casing offers enhanced durability.
Sidewall protectors that are extended to the bead of the tire reduce damage from impacts.
The treads of the tires are engineered with a special compound that is resistant to chips and cuts, offering a high level of durability.
Excellent self-cleaning characteristics help keep your tires turning and gripping in all conditions.
The deep tread, which works best in deep mud, can also work well in several feet of water, allowing your vehicle to race through all kinds of track conditions.

BKT Bog Max Tire
Choose BKT Tires

The BKT Bog Max Tire will help you and your ATV or UTV mud bog race to success. BKT Tire manufactures a wide range of tires for all types and sizes of recreational vehicles. Whether you need tires for racing, trail riding or industrial work, BKT Tire offers many benefits for customers who choose their products:

BKT Tire tests their products in a wide range of situations, using physical laboratories and software simulations to be sure that no detail of the tire goes untested.
Research and development is important to BKT Tire. New tire designs, improvements in production efficiency and ways to improve tire performance are continually being researched.
With a high commitment to environmental protection, BKT Tire complies with the most rigorous international standards for health and environmental safety.
BKT Tire is an international company that values individual employees, offering them a working environment that values their diversity and their communities.
Because of their commitment to their employees and the communities they come from, BKT Tire works to support the health, safety and education of all people in their neighborhoods. For BKT Tire, social responsibility includes providing housing, building hospitals and supporting education.

A BKT Bog Max Tire will be available from an experienced retailer that knows tires.  By choosing an established tire store, you will have access to more options, including the tires, tire tubes, wheels and other accessories that you need but could be hard to find at a smaller store. Look for a retailer with a large quantity of stock on hand so you can have your tires quickly and get back to working or playing as hard as you need to.

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