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BKT Jumbo Trax HD Skid Steer Tire

BKT Jumbo Trax HD Skid Steer Tire
BKT Jumbo Trax HD Skid Steer Tire

BKT Jumbo Trax HD Skid Steer Tire

BKT manufacturers tires for many of the most popular construction and skid steer equipment in use today. Each of these tires is purpose built to fit a terrain, application or machine. BKT tire builds skid steer tires, construction tires and small loader tires. One of the many construction tires they build is the Jumbo Trax HD tire.

The BKT Jumbo Trax HD skid steer tire features premium tread depth for much higher life on paved road, tarmac and hard surfaces. The BKT Jumbo Trax HD skid steer tire tread pattern features bigger and sturdier blocks.  The BKT Jumbo Trax HD skid steer tire has a specially formulated tread compound which provides excellent chip and tear resistance. The BKT Jumbo Trax HD skid steer tire also features a extra thick side-wall with rim guard to protect against damage.The BKT Jumbo Trax HD skid steer tire is best suited for scrap yards, tough concrete surfaces, recycling operations and mines. For the BKT Jumbo Trax HD skid steer tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

BKT Tire manufactures a full line of farm tires, earthmover tires, ATV tires and lawn and garden tires. BKT Tires commitment to market research and growing manufacturing capacities have made them a major player in the off-highway tire market. Founded in 1987, BKT Tire has offices on four continents and employs over 6000 people. With five manufacturing facilities, BKT Tire is able to continually adapt to meet the demands of the tire industry and of equipment manufacturers. BKT Tire exports to tires to more then 120 countries including the United States, Europe and Africa.

BKT is also a supplier of OE Tires (original equipment) for many of the leading equipment manufacturers. This is due to their consistent quality and innovative, market responsive product lineup.

BKT Tires commitment to research and development keeps them at the forefront of the tire industry. With tires ranging from radial farm tractor tires to large earthmover tires, BKT Tire is constantly developing new and innovative products.

Consistent, high quality products has allowed BKT Tire to become a market leader throughout the tire industry.

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