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Carlisle Industrial Trax Tire

Carlisle Industrial Trax Tire
Carlisle Industrial Trax Tire

Carlisle Industrial Trax Tire

The Carlisle Industrial Trax tire is a utility tire designed for both on and off road applications. The Carlisle Industrial Trax tire features a non-directional rib tread for long, constant travel in forward or reverse, and a heavy duty denier nylon carcass for demanding industrial work. The Carlisle Industrial Trax tire is often found on hard surface utility vehicles like golf course concession vehicles. For the Carlisle Industrial Trax tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

Carlisle manufacturers tires for many of the most popular golf cart and golf course equipment in use today. Each of these tires is purpose built to fit a terrain, application or machine. Carlisle tire builds golf cart tires, turf tires and golf course tires. One of the many turf tires they build is the Carlisle Industrial Trax tire. 

Carlisle Tire has been building golf and turf tires for a long time.  This allows them to build long lasting high quality tires that are both innovative and reliable. Carlisle Tire was founded in Carlisle, PA by Charles Moomy in 1917. Since 1917 Carlisle Tire has grown to one of the world largest manufacturers of specialty tires and wheels. 

With over 4000 dedicated employees throughout the world, Carlisle Tire is know the world over for producing high quality tires, tubes and wheel for all kinds of equipment form ATV's to lawn tractors, golf carts and trailers. Carlisle is a large supplier of OE Tires (original equipment) for many of the leading tractor manufacturers and ATV manufacturers. The reason that so many manufacturers pick Carlisle as their tire provider is their commitment to building long lasting tires that are built to perform.

Pete's Tire Barns is an authorized Carlisle Tire Retailer. With 19 convenient locations through New England and shipping tires nationwide, we are sure to have the Carlisle tire you need where you need it. With so many Carlisle tires in stock we carry the tires that many other dealers don't. Let us help you get your equipment going again with high quality tires from Carlisle.

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