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Carlisle Lawn and Garden Metric To Standard Tire Sizes

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 6/25/2020 to Lawn and Garden
Part Number Metric Tire Size US Tire Size
5743U11 215/50-10NHS 4PR MULTI TRAC E4
18x8.50-10NHS 4PR MULTI TRAC
5E1075 305/45-12IMP 2PR TURF SAVER E4 24x12.00-12
5E33C3 150/90-12NHS 4PR TRU POWER 6.00-12
5E4304 160/60-8IMP 4PR MULTI TRAC E8 16x6.50-8
5E4353 260/50-12IMP 6PR MULTI TRAC E4 23x10.50-12
'5E4371 215/65-14NHS 6PR MULTI TRAC 25x8.50-14
'5E4372 215/60-12IMP 6PR MULTI TRAC E4 23x8.50-12
5E43C2 245/50-10NHS 6PR MULTI TRAC 20x10.00-10
5E43H6 265/55-15NHS 4PR MULTI TRAC 27x10.50-15
5E53671 260/50-12 IMP 4PR TURF TRAC E4 23x10.50-12
'5E5390 290/50-12NHS 6PR TURF TRAC E8 24x12.00-12
5E53A6 305/60-10NHS 4PR TURF TRAC 24x12.00-10NHS 4PR TURF TRAC
5E53P2 24x9.50-10NHS 4PR TURF TRAC 240/75D10NHS 4PR TURF TRAC
5E6310 250/40-10 IMP 2PR SMOOTH E4 18x10.50-10
5E6325 240/50-10 IMP 2PR SMOOTH E4 20x10.00-10
5E8040 215/70-6 IMP 4PR TURF GLIDE E4 8.00-6
5E9050 270/50-10NHS 4PR AT101 21x11.00-10NHS 4PR AT101
5E9368 330/40B12IMP 4PR ULTRA TRAC E8 24x13.00-12
5ED362 245/50-10 IMP 4PR TURF TRAC E4 20x10.00-10
5ED363 305/55-12NHS 4PR TURF TRAC E4 26x12.00-12NHS 4PR TURF TRAC
6A1371 345/60-15NHS 8PR MULTI TRAC 31x13.50-15NHS 8PR MULTI TRAC
6E0371 280/55-15NHS 8PR MULTI TRAC E4 27x10.50-15
6E0371 280/55-15NHS 8PR MULTI TRAC E4 27x10.50-15
6E4301 215/60-12NHS 4PR MULTI TRAC E4 23x8.50-12
6E43611 285/60-12NHS 4PR MULTI TRAC E1 26x12.00-12
* Conversion from Metric to Inches on Carlisle Products
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