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Carlisle Tour Max Golf Cart Tire

Carlisle Tour Max Golf Cart Tire
Carlisle Tour Max Golf Cart Tire

Carlisle Tour Max Golf Cart Tire

The Carlisle Tour Max golf cart tire features a contemporary tread design with a low profile primarily used on golf carts and closed community cars. The Carlisle Tour Max golf cart tire is designed for excellent traction without damaging turf. Tour Max tires are built for reliability and durability. Carlisle golf cart tires are the go to choice for golf courses and homeowners who demand performance, reliability and durability.

Carlisle Tire is a leading provider of specialty tires for all types and sizes of equipment. With a wide selection of time proven turf friendly treads, Carlisle Tire produces some of the best golf cart tires in the world. Carlisle is also known for producing golf cart wheels, radial golf cart tires and golf cart tires with innovative tread patterns and rubber compounds.

Carlisle Tire was founded in Carlisle, PA by Charles Moomy in 1917. Since 1917 Carlisle Tire has grown to one of the world largest manufacturers of specialty tires and wheels. With over 4000 dedicated employees throughout the world, Carlisle Tire is know the world over for producing high quality tires, tubes and wheel for all kinds of equipment form ATV's to lawn tractors, golf carts and trailers.

Carlisle is a large supplier of OE Tires (original equipment) for many of the leading equipment manufacturers. 

Pete's Tire Barns is an authorized Carlisle Tire Retailer. With 19 convenient locations through New England and shipping Carlisle Tires nationwide, we are sure to have the Carlisle tire you need where you need it.

These days, golf carts are popular for far more applications than just traditional golfing. Golf carts can be useful for transporting cargo, people, or almost any task that requires getting from Point A to Point B quickly. Because golf carts are used in a variety of environments, tires are available that are suited to particular applications. If you are purchasing a golf cart, the tires it comes with might not be the best suited to your purposes.  Find this and many other golf cart tires in our online tire store today.

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