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Choosing the Best Golf Cart Wheel

Posted by on 5/14/2015 to Golf Cart

Choosing the Best Golf Cart Wheels for Your Needs 

 Golf carts are a great investment for any golfer or off road enthusiast. They offer a wide range of uses and applications that many other types of carts simply can’t offer. There are a few things that are absolutely essential to golf carts, though. Among those necessities are golf cart wheels. The type of wheel and mount you need for a cart depends on how you will be using it. 

 Low Speed 

Low speed golf cart wheels and tires are great for any cart you are going to use for basic transportation purposes. There are many different types of wheels and tires which fit this function. You can purchase any type of standard wheels for standard use and they should function perfectly. Wheels designed for this function are typically center mounted, which is factory standard, and very easy to replace. These wheels come in many varieties, including steel and aluminum. 

 High Speed or Off Road 

 When you are using a golf cart to create an off road vehicle, you will need to change the wheels tires. Typical wheels and tires are not ideal for off road driving or traveling at high speeds. They simply can’t take the stress of this type of activity. Upgrading to Department of Transportation approved wheels is the best course of action. These wheels have the support necessary to sustain this type of use. There are also different mounts which are necessary for off road use. The wheels will need to mounted using a negative offset, which means they have a mounting flange that is more deeply set inside the wheel than with standard wheels. This provides more stability and prevents any rubbing caused by the larger tires. 

 Choosing the type of golf cart wheels and mounts you need for your cart depends on you purposes. Whether you are maintaining a traditional golf cart or building an off road cart, there are different wheels, mounts and tires you will need. Having the correct parts can make all the difference in your cart’s performance.

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