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Choosing the Right Skid Steer Tire

Choosing Skid Steer Tires

When you own a Skid Steer or any other type of loader, you need to pay close attention to your tires. The tires on your Skid Steer function like the tires on any other vehicle you own. If one of those tires goes flat and your Skid Steer is out for the count, that directly affects your business. It’s important to have spares on hand in case something happens. Choosing the right Skid Steer tire is a matter of understanding what you drive, where you drive, checking the tread, and buying imported or made in the USA.

What Do You Drive?

Knowing what you drive is an essential part of choosing the right Skid Steer tire. Different types of loaders are likely to take different types of tires. Some tires are larger or wider than others. If you purchase a tire that is designed for a different loader, then you spend even more time waiting around for the right tire to arrive. If your loader is an essential part of your business, then you need to understand what type of tire your particular loader takes. Write it down and keep the information in a safe place, if necessary.

Skid Steer with Mower Attachment

Where Do You Drive?

Understanding where you drive and what your loader is used for is another essential part of choosing the right kind of skid tire. A loader that is driven mostly on cement will take a different type of tire than one that is driven over mud or loose dirt. The traction on these tires is very different. A tire that is used on the mud may wear down unnecessarily fast if used on the pavement. Understand where you drive so that you can choose the appropriate tire for the job.

Check the Tread

The tread is a vital part of the tire. If you know where you primarily drive your loader, then choosing the right type of tire should be fairly simple. The tread can also help you in choosing the right Skid Steer tire for your needs. For loaders that are usually driven on hard-packed surfaces, the tread tends to be close together and long. On the opposite side, loaders that drive on softer surfaces such as mud and dirt have tire tread that is more open. If you use a tighter tread on looser surfaces, you may find your wheels spinning uselessly. Make sure your tire has the proper tread design and reinforcement for the surfaces you encounter.

Choosing Imported vs. Made in the USA

It is ultimately up to you to decide if you want to purchase imported tires or ones made in the USA. Most people agree that choosing the right Skid Steer tire means purchasing one that was made in the USA. These tend to be of the highest quality and will last you the longest.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

You will also want to factor in budget when choosing the right Skid Steer tire. As long as you are selective about your tires and understand what you drive, where you drive, the different tread patterns, and the difference between imported and made in the USA, you’ll have no problem choosing the right tire. Grab some now to have on hand when the time inevitably comes to change your loader’s tires.

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