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Choosing the right Lawn tractor Tire

Posted by on 10/25/2013 to Lawn and Garden

Find the right Lawn Tractor tire

When you are looking for the best lawn tractors, what factors would you consider? Many people would look at:

  • The size of the lawn
    • Flat lawns up to an acre in size need light-duty lawn tractors (i.e. a 42-inch deck)
    • Lawns one to two acres in size need light to medium-duty lawn tractors (i.e. 46-inch decks)
    • Lawns greater than two acres in size or lawns with more obstacles need heavy-duty lawn tractors
  • The terrain
    • Lawns with slopes needs lawn tractors that can provide sufficient levels of stability and traction
    • Lawns with several obstacles need lawn tractors that have a tight-turning radius and reverse mowing functionality
  • The attachments (if you intend to use your lawn tractors for more than just mowing)

However, merely investing in the best lawn tractor available in the market is not sufficient. You also need to invest your time in checking whether your lawn tractor tires are ideal for your requirements.

As mentioned above, lawns with slopes need lawn tractor tires that blend stability with traction. These traits enable your tractor to provide clean and even cuts, without scalping your lawn or leaving telltale marks on it. Similarly, for lawns with a lot of obstacles, lawn tractor tires that provide flexibility in movement are perfect. They will help you negotiate tight turns with ease. They will also reduce your time spent mowing and any cleanups required.

Therefore, when it comes to finding authentic and quality lawn tractor tires, visit Pete’s Tire Store. We have lawn tractor tires from all the leading brands. Additionally, we have lawn tractor tires of a number of sizes too. Therefore, finding your lawn tractor tire is a cinch. Why would you want to visit several tire stores with a limited stock, when we can fulfill your requirements with ease?

Brands Available: BKT, Carlisle, Firestone, Galaxy Greenball and many others.

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