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FR13, FR14, 6R14, 6x14 Dobermann Tire Natural Rubber Tube (TR13)

Part Number:43010K
FR13, FR14, 6R14, 6x14 Dobermann Tire Natural Rubber Tube (TR13)
Dobermann Passenger Tire Tube
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FR13, FR14, 6R14, 6x14 Dobermann Tire Natural Rubber Tube (TR13)

This Dobermann tire tube can be used in a variety of applications including passenger car tires, tractor tires and lawn applications. Featuring radial construction this tube can be used in radial and bias ply tires. For the Dobermann tire tubes, call or order from our online tube store today.

This tube can be used in the following tire sizes:

FR13 FR14 6R14 6x14 6-14 A78-13 A78-14
165R14 185/70R13 185/70R14 6R13 6x13 6-13 B78-13 B78-14
165/80R13 165/80R14 205/60R13 205/60R14 6.15x13 A70-13
175/80R13 185/60R14 6.40x13 B70-13 B70-14
155/80R14 195/60R14 6.50x13 A60-13 A60-14
165/75R13 165/75R14 AR78-13 AR78-14 B60-13 B60-14

175/75R13 175/75R14

BR78-13 BR78-14 175R13 185/75R13 AR70-13
155R14 175/75R13 175/75R14 BR70-13 BR70-14

This tire tube can be used in bias ply tires.

Manufacturer: Dobermann Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 43010K
Valve Style: TR13

Dobermann manufactures tubes for many of the most popular tires in use today. Each of these tubes is purpose built to fit a terrain, application or machine. Dobermann builds tubes for all sizes and kinds of equipment.

Dobermann Tube & Solid Tire is headquartered in San Antonio and is a family-owned business. Formed in 1999 Dobermann is an international brand of a Venezuelan company called Covencaucho and has a long history of building quality, innovative products. With a full range of tire and tire related products ranging from car and light truck tires to farm and forestry tires. Dobermann Tire also builds a full line of tire tubes for all types and sizes of tires. Doberman is known throughout the world for tires, tubes and rubber products.

The vision of the Dobermann to be recognized in the tire industry as a top reliable source for tires and tubes. Dobermann builds tires for cars, light trucks and SUV's. With a full line of tires ranging from all season tires to all terrain tires and everything in between, Dobermann has a tire to fit your vehicle.

Dobermann consistently works hard to meet the needs of their customers through cutting edge technology and innovation while constantly looking for ways to improve their products.

Pete’s Tire Barns is proud to be an authorized Dobermann dealer in an effort to bring the highest quality of products to our customers. Pete’s Tire Barns is headquartered in Orange, MA has been in business since 1968.


Fits Radial and Bias Tires
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