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FR13 and FR14 Tire Tube (TR13)

Part Number:200
FR13 and FR14 Tire Tube (TR13)
Nexen Tire Tube
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FR13 and FR14 Tire Tube (TR13)

Nexen Tire builds tire tubes for many different types and kinds of equipment.  This includes car, trailer and tractor tire tubes. The Nexen tire tube is designed for all types of car, trailer and tractor tire applications. Featuring radial construction this tube can be used in both radial and bias ply tires.  For the Nexen tire tube, call or order from our online tube store today.

This tube can be used in the following tire sizes:

FR13 FR14 6R14 6x14 6-14 A78-13 A78-14
165R14 185/70R13 185/70R14 6R13 6x13 6-13 B78-13 B78-14
165/80R13 165/80R14 205/60R13 205/60R14 6.15x13 A70-13
175/80R13 185/60R14 6.40x13 B70-13 B70-14
155/80R14 195/60R14 6.50x13 A60-13 A60-14
165/75R13 165/75R14 AR78-13 AR78-14 B60-13 B60-14

175/75R13 175/75R14

BR78-13 BR78-14 175R13 185/75R13 AR70-13
155R14 175/75R13 175/75R14 BR70-13 BR70-14       5.00x14

This tire tube can be used in both radial and bias ply tires.  

Manufacturer: Nexen
Manufacturers Part Number: 200
Valve Style: TR13
Application: Farm, Tractor, Car, Trailer
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Valve Details:
Length: 1.375
Maximum Pressure: 60 psi
Hand Bendable: No
Hydroflation: No
Bore Diameter: Standard

Nexen's goal is to be a global leader in the manufacture of specialized rubber products.

Nexen has been producing high quality inner tubes for tires since 1968. With customers in over 140 countries, Nexen is known throughout the world for the manufacturing of quality tire products. In addition to inner tubes, Nexen produces tires for passenger cars and light trucks, retreading envelopes and tire flaps. With multiple manufacturing facilities, Nexen is able to meet the ever growing demands for tires and tire related products.

Nexen understands that tires of all sizes including larger vehicles may require the use of inner tubes. The tire is inflated using a torus-shaped inner tube that is designed to hold air without leaking. Tubes are available in synthetic or natural rubber and are generally soft and highly elastic. The inner tubes are inserted into the tire and inflated to retain air pressure. 

Nexen builds tires for lawn tractors, ATV's, farm tractors, implements, forklift, buses, trucks and more. Quality built radial tire tubes for all sizes and styles of equipment. Featuring all different valve styles to match the most popular wheels in use today.


This Tube can be used in both radial and bias tires
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