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Farm Tire Terms Explained

Posted by on 3/18/2014 to Farm and Tractor

Farm Tire Terms

At a recent Pete's Tire Barns company meeting I had the opportunity to sit in on a farm tire seminar held by Lennie Jones. Lennie is a long time member of the tire barn team and has been involved in the farm tire business for many years. The purpose of the class was to educate our store staff on the proper terminology to use when talking about farm tires and to help educate them on the right tire for each application. Here of some of the highlights of what was taught during the class.

The following codes are often found on steer and implement wheel positions:
F-1, F-2, F-2M, F-3, I-1, I-2, I-3, and FI

The following codes are often found on drive wheel positions:
R-1, R-1W, R-2, R-3, and R-4

Farm Tractor Tires

Here is the service description for each of the tire codes:

R-1 (R1) - for general farming where conditions are dry and average to ideal

R-1W (R1W) - for farming in marginal soil where moisture content is greater and where a deeper tread is needed. Soil is less then ideal to average. The tread depth of an R-1W tire is at least 20 percent deeper then an R-1 Tire.

R-2 (R2) - for farming extremely wet and difficult conditions. Often called a rice and cane tire. The tread depth of an R-2 tire is at least double that of an R-1 tire.

R-3 (R3) - for farming sandy or volcanic ash soils and where you want to minimize soil disturbance. The tread depth of an R-3 tire is usually half that of an R-1 tire.

R-4 (R4) - for light industrial service and highway department work. The tread depth of an R-4 tire is about 70% that of an R-1 tire.

HF - signifies a high flotation tire, these tires are available in a variety of tread depths including HF1, HF2, HF3 and HF4 which have tread depths comparable to R-3, R-1, R-1W and R-2 tires respectively.

F-1 (F1) - single rib steer tire that is often used in extremely wet conditions. F-1 tires best complement R-2 drive tires.

F-2 (F2) and F-2M (F2M) - multiple rib steer tires. F-2 and F-2M tires best complement R-1 and R-1W drive tires.

F-3 (F3) - industrial multiple rib steer tires. F-3 tires best complement R-4 drive tires

I-1 (I1) - rib tread implement tires used on a variety of farm and agricultural equipment, most often found on anything that is towed.

I-2 (I2) - moderate traction tires with a "button style" tread to provide traction in muddy field conditions.

I-3 (I3) - traction tread tires with a bar type treads that looks like smaller versions of R-1 drive tires. Primarily found on self propelled implements and ground powered equipment.

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