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Farm AG and Tractor Tires

Farm Tires, AG Tires and Tractor Tires

Pete’s Tire Barns is only in one business, the tire business. We have a experienced team of tire professionals dedicated to providing farmers, tractor restoration companies and farm equipment owners with accurate tire information and advice on choosing the right tire. With one of the biggest inventories of tires for farming in the United States, Pete’s Tire Barns can handle all of your agricultural tire needs. With the best brands in the industry including BKT, Carlisle, Firestone, Nokian and Michelin we are sure to have the right tire for your equipment. We stock more tires for farm equipment then most companies entire inventory, this allows us to get the right tire, in the right place as soon as possible. With our network of 19 tire service centers and shipping tires throughout the United States, we can handle any size tire. 

  • All Farm and Tractor Tires All Farm and Tractor Tires
    Pete's Tire Barns carries tires for all different types of farm equipment. This includes both radial and bias ply tractor tires for everything from plowing to snow removal.  We also carry a full line of farm implement tires for wagons, spreaders, trailers and other farm implements. In addition to farm tractor tires and farm implement tires, we also carry farm tires for use in off-road mud trucks. High quality farm tractor tires from BKT, Carlisle, Firestone, Galaxy, Michelin, Nokian, and many more.  Fitments for compact tractors, antique tractors, front and rear wheel positions, tow behind implements as well as a full line of tire tubes for all sizes of farm tractor tires.We stock tires that most dealers can't even get or would carry. Our farm tire warehouse houses millions of dollars of tractor tires, including those hard to find sizes that other dealers have stopped carrying. Browse all tractor tires and farm tires via our online tire store.
  • Front Farm and Tractor Tires Front Farm and Tractor Tires
    Front farm and tractor tires are designed to keep your tractor steering straight and staying on course. Find front tires for your tractor in a variety of sizes and tread patterns to fit both new and older farm equipment. With a variety of tread patterns including single rib, three rib, four rib and lugged tractor tires, Pete's Tire Barns is sure to have the front tractor tire you are looking for. Need a tire tube for your front farm tire, we have those to, browse our selection of front tractor tires today.

  • Implement Tires Implement Tires
    Farm implement tires come in many different sizes and styles to fit all brands and types of farm equipment. Whether you are looking for an I-1 ribbed implement tire or an I-3 traction implement tire, Pete's Tire Barns has you covered. With quality implement tires from companies like BKT, Carlisle, Firestone, Specialty Tires of America and more, we have the tire you are looking for. With tires for plows, cultivators, wagons, seeders, manure spreaders, trailers and other farm implements, Pete's Tire Barns is your one stop shop for all your farm tire needs. Need a farm tire inner tube, we have those as well, with fitments for implement tires old and new. Browse our huge selection of farm implement tires in our online tire store today.

  • Rear Farm and Tractor Tires Rear Farm and Tractor Tires
    Tires for the back of your tractor, more commonly known as rear farm tractor tires come in many sizes and styles. R-1 rear farm tractor tires are known for their bar or lug style tread. This includes a traditional herringbone tractor tire or the more modern and powerful 23 degree bar tread from Firestone. Also available are the Nokian TRI2 tractor tire, featuring a more complex tread that is an excellent choice for roadside mowing, snow removal and tractors requiring long tread, smooth ride and the ability to be driven at high speed.Rear tractor tires are available in both radial and bias ply to fit many of the farm tractors and farm equipment on the market today.

  • Radial Farm Tractor Tires Radial Farm Tractor Tires
    Why use radial farm tractor tires? Better Traction, Increased Fuel Efficiency, Less Compaction, Longer Tread Life and a Smoother Ride. Pete's Tire Barns carries high quality radial farm tractor tires from BKT, Firestone, Michelin, Nokian and more. Browse our selection of radial farm tractor tires for all different types and sizes of tractors and farm equipment. It does not matter if you use your tractor for farming, mowing, snow removal, site work or forestry, radial tractor tires will improve your ride, increase your comfort, last longer and be more fuel efficient.
  • Farm and Tractor Tires by Brand Farm and Tractor Tires by Brand
    Shop for tractor tires and farm tires by brand at Pete's Tire Barns. We are proud to carry some the best tractor tire and farm tire brands on the market today. These high quality farm tractor tire manufacturers have a proven track record of producing farm tires that are designed for the needs of the American farmer. They produce farm tractor tires for all types of soil, farm equipment and purpose. Including radial farm tires to reduce soil compaction, flotation tires, traction tires for snow removal and row crop tires for narrow row farming.


    \r With a huge selection of high quality farm tractor tires from brands like BKT, Firestone and Michelin, Pete's Tire Barns is sure to have the farm tire you are looking for.

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