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Finding the Right Forklift Tire for your application

Posted by on 9/10/2013 to Forklift and Industrial

Choosing a Forklift Tire

Forklifts are used for a variety of tasks throughout the business world. In order for your forklift to perform to the best of its ability, it needs to be outfitted with the right forklift tire. Forklift tires can be broken down into three main types; pneumatic forklift tires, sold forklift tires and polyurethane forklift tires. This article will cover these three main types of forklift tires.

Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Pneumatic forklift tires are designed to be tough and long lasting. They feature an industrial tread pattern that allows the forklift to handle rough terrain with ease. Pneumatic forklift tires are made from a strong, durable rubber compound that can withstand rigors of daily use. Pneumatic forklift tires are filled with air, which helps to ease the ride for the operator by providing a cushion of air between the forklift and the ground.

Solid Forklift Tires

Solid forklift tires come in many varieties, some sold forklift tires are made to look like pneumatic forklift tires, but instead are made of solid rubber. These are pneumatic shaped solid forklift tires. Solid forklift tires are designed to last a long time and do not get flats like pneumatic forklift tires. The one disadvantage of solid forklift tires is that because they do not have the cushion of air used in pneumatic forklift tires they tend to ride harder.

Polyurethane Forklift Tires

Polyurethane forklift tires are designed for indoor use only and are often found on electric forklifts. Polyurethane forklift tires are designed to be pressed onto the forklift wheel and provide excellent traction.

This is just a brief overview of a few of the most common types of forklift tires. Pneumatic forklift tires tend to be the least expensive and provide the most comfortable ride. Solid forklift tires have the best tire life and are not subject to flats or blowouts. Polyurethane forklift tires are best used indoors where the terrain is smooth and level.

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