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Finding the Right Go Cart Tire

Posted by on 9/30/2013 to Lawn and Garden

Find the right Go Cart Tire

Whether you call them go cart tires or go kart tires, they come in many different shapes and sizes. Smooth tires for use on the race track and knobby tires for use in the dirt. Finding the right tire for your go cart starts with finding the tire size. The best way to find the right go cart tire size, is to look at the sidewall of the tires currently on your go cart.

The size should be broken down into three sets of numbers. The first number is the overall height of the tire or the tires diameter. The second number is the overall width of the tire. The third number is rim size or rim diameter, this is the size of the hole in the middle of the tire where the rim goes.

Measure Go Cart Tire

Lets look at an example. Let’s say I went out to my go cart and on the side of the tire the following number was printed 11x4.00-5 NHS. Using this information I know the following. The tire is roughly 11 inches tall, 4 inches wide and mounts on a 5 inch rim. The letters NHS mean Non-highway service; this tells me that the tire is not rated for high speeds.

Now that we know what size tire my go cart takes I need to assess where I drive. The most common go cart tires are smooth; this will handle most go cart needs including paved tracks, grassy areas and low speed driving. If you use your go cart off-road, you may want a more aggressive tread on your tire. Keep in mind that not every tread pattern is available in every size. Before you pick your tread pattern make sure they make that tire in your size.

Smooth Go Cart Tire
Smooth Go Cart Tire
Knobby Go Cart Tire
Knobby Go Cart Tire
Rib Go Cart Tire
Rib Go Cart Tire
Off Road Go Cart Tire
Off Road Go Cart Tire

Go cart tires can come in both tube type and tubeless. Tube type tires must be used with a tube. Tubeless tires can be used with or without a tube. If your go cart rim is not air tight a tube will required even if your tire is tubeless.

No matter the type of go cart or the type of driving finding the right go cart tire will help ensure that you spend your time on the track not in the pits.

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