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Firestone Destination LE2 - For wherever the road may lead you

Firestone Americas, Inc wants you to know that their Destination LE2 tires for light trucks, SUVs and CUVs, will take you wherever you need to go, even if that means the road less traveled. 

Dry Performance and an Even Wear
The Firestone Destination LE2 features closed continuous blocks around the shoulders designed to give you even wear and superior performance on dry roads. While optimized noise sequencing means a quiet ride. 

Wet Performance When it Matters
While a quiet ride and even wear on dry surfaces is ideal, many Americans live in climates that see a fair share of wet and snowy weather throughout the year. To combat this, The Firestone Destination LE2 has circumpheral grooves, zigzag sipes and sweeping slots to eject water and melting slush from the tire tread and keep you in control of your vehicle. 

A Warranty to Last and Sustainability to Beat
The Firestone Destination LE2 is also backed by a 60,000 Supplemental Mileage Limited Warranty and comes with Firestone’s Eco-Products designation, meaning it features:
Increased fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions due to a low rolling resistance. 
Resource conservation resulting in a lighter tire.
A construction featuring recycled and other environmentally conscious materials, such as non-aromatic oils. 

Available Now
For the Firestone Destination LE2 light truck, SUV and CUV tire contact our online store today. 

Firestone Destination LE2 Tire
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