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Firestone Destination MT2 Tires - Engineered to be Tough

Buying mud terrain tires for your truck can be difficult. It can be confusing trying to decide one company’s offering over another’s, especially when considering a mud-terrain option that will still perform as well as it does off the road when it get back on to the road. One option that always exceeds expectations though, is the Firestone Destination MT2.

Engineered to be Tough

The Firestone Destination MT2 was designed from the start to be tough enough to perform off-road, but also an easy ride on the highway too. While the Firestone Destination MT2 was made with the avid outdoorsman in mind, and therefor engineered for off-roading, they also excel at treading through dry, wet, or snowy conditions as well, making them an excellent alternative as an all-season tire.

Cutting Edge-Features

The Firestone Destination MT2 tire features cutting-edge features that prevent the edges from cutting, specifically:

·         A three-ply sidewall construction

·         Premium upper sidewall lugs for improved traction and high resistance to tears

·         Ejectors to keep mud out of the treads and stones from drilling into the compound

·         A complicated tread pattern with 23 attack angles

·         Extra grooves for improved performance

Aggressive Appeal

Truck owners often like to make their vehicle stand out among the crowd. Bed rails, brush guards, a new paint job, there are all ways that truck owners like to customize their ride, but they often forget how far a new set of tires can improve their style. A new set of tires is also a practical upgrade as both a cosmetic upgrade, as well as a useful one for keeping you safe. The Firestone Destination MT2 tire’s aggressive sidewall and tread design is just the right upgrade your truck needs to turn some heads.

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