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Flat Tire Facts

Posted by on 6/18/2014 to General

Flat Tire Information

Recently the Bridgestone Tire group had well known polling group the Harris poll survey over 3000 U.S. adults over the age of 18. The purpose of the study was to determine drivers thoughts on flat tires and the impact that flat tires have on peoples daily lives. Below are the results of the Harris Poll.

Flat Tire

  • Nearly 3/4 of drivers have had a flat tire
  • 60% of drivers say they know how to change a flat tire
    • 40% of women say they can change a flat
    • 82% of men say they can change a flat
  • 62% of drivers would rather do some other unpleasant activity then change a flat tire

When a tire goes flat:

  • 62% of drivers worry about losing control of their vehicle
  • 61% of drivers say a flat tire would have a big impact on their day
  • 60% of drivers would feel aggravated

Changing a Flat Tire

Who changes the flat tire:

  • 2/3 of drivers would call someone to change it if they had a flat tire
    • 52% would call an auto club or roadside assistance
    • 24% would call their significant other
    • 17% would call a family member
    • 5% would call a friend
    • 2% would call someone else

Preparing for a flat tire:

Always make sure you are prepared for a flat tire. Check if your vehicle is equipped with a spare tire or if it features tires that can be run flat. If your vehicle is equipped with a spare, make sure it you have a jack, lug wrench and wheel lock (if needed). A good roadside emergency kit should feature a reflective safety vest and other driver notification devices. Make sure to pick as safe a spot as possible to change a tire. Your vehicles owners manual should have instructions on how to find and install your spare tire. If your vehicle is not equipped with a full size spare tire, you should drive cautiously to a tire service center and have a full size tire installed on your vehicle.

Another option is Bridgestone DriveGuard Tires. Bridgestone DriveGuard Tires feature run flat tire technology that allows you to drive up to 50 miles even after a complete loss of tire air pressure.

No matter what method you choose, being prepared for a flat tire will help you minimize the impact and get you back on the road faster.

Flat Tire Preparation Checklist

  • Phone Number for Roadside Assistance
  • Spare Tire
  • Tire Iron
  • Jack
  • Wheel Lock Key (if your vehicle is equipped with wheel locks)
  • Flashlight
  • Reflective Vest
  • Reflective Triangles
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