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Forklift and Industrial Tire Articles

The 3 Types of Telehandler Tires

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 3/20/2015 to Forklift and Industrial
Telehandlers vary by function, and so do their tires. Over the past few years, tire manufactures have developed some innovative designs to give you more comfort, reliability, and affordability. Currently, there are three primary types of telehandler tires.

Industrial Tire Trends in Fork Lift Tires

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 11/17/2014 to Forklift and Industrial
Three Industrial Tire Trends

Choosing the Right Forklift Tire

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 10/22/2014 to Forklift and Industrial
Types of Forklift Tires and Their Applications

Finding the Right Forklift Tire for your application

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 9/10/2013 to Forklift and Industrial
The Major Types of Forklift Tires

How to install a Michelin Tubeless Bead Seal System - TBS

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 10/16/2012 to Forklift and Industrial
Install Guide for the the Michelin Tubeless Bead Seal - TBS
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