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Galaxy Hulk Skid Steer Tire

Save Money and Beef up Performance With the Galaxy Hulk Skid Steer Tire

A small vehicle with big jobs, your skid steer is always working hard. Its convenience means that this hardy piece of equipment gets abused. If you want to get the most out of this versatile machine, equip it with the Galaxy Hulk skid steer tire. The solid construction and powerful tread of the Galaxy Hulk make it a great option for all job sites. This skid steer tire was created by ATG, a company known for its high quality and innovative design.

Minimize Downtime

There’s nothing worse than a machine with a flat tire. Even a relatively light skid steer loader can be a pain to get to the garage. Going through mud or a busy area turns into quite the time sink. With no inner tube and almost three times as much rubber as a pneumatic, a solid tire resists snags, punctures and cuts. 

When a machine is constantly loaded with hundreds of pounds, air gets squeezed out of the tires. Uneven air pressure causes your skid steer to become less stable. The solid design of the Galaxy Hulk means that dealing with air pumps and flat tires is an irritation of the past. 

The Galaxy Hulk skid steer tire is perfect for the following:

Construction Sites

Maximize Productivity

The Galaxy Hulk’s tread pattern is designed to address the problems faced by a modern machine. It gives plenty of traction in mud, gravel and uneven terrain. The chevron-and-block design makes the grooves self-clean with ease. The chunky treads have cavernous depth so they last a long time. Even with the initial increase in cost, solid tires have increased lifespan enough to be cheaper than foam-filled pneumatics.

Treat your hard-working machine right with the Galaxy Hulk skid steer tire. Its lowered maintenance costs and excellent performance would be enough to recommend it on its own. However, the real benefit is the peace of mind that comes with a safe and reliable tire. 

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