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How to Buy ATV Tires?

Posted by on 7/21/2014 to ATV

Find the Right ATV Tire

Whenever you make any purchase, it is important to know what questions to ask and what to look for. Buying ATV tires is no exception. Trying to choose the right ATV tire is kind of like choosing what color to paint a room. The selection of ATV tires and treads is amazing with tires for dirt, mud, snow, race, field and farm.  It seems that everyone has an opinion about which ATV tire is the best. Will all of these choices it can be tough to find the right tire.

Begin by determining which type of ATV you have, is your ATV a sport machine designed for speed and handling or is a off-road or work machine designed for traction and power. Each all terrain vehicle has a distinct style and size of tire. It is important to know what size is on the vehicle and what that size means.

All Terrain Vehicle ATV

Reading an ATV Tire Size

Let's take an example size of a front ATV tire. 21x7-10

The first number is the height of the tire in inches. In this case this tire is 21 inches tall

The second number is the width of the tire in inches. In this case this tire is 7 inches wide

The third number is the diameter of the rim or in simpler terms the size of the hole in the middle of the tire. In this case the rim diameter is 10 inches across.

Knowing what size tire is on your machine will help you properly select the right ATV tire and ensure proper fitment and clearance.


Sport ATV tires generally come in two different styles. These are performance/racing tires and off road tires.

The performance tires are designed for speed and handling. They often have simple tread patterns that are designed to transfer power from the axle to the ground.

The off road tires for sport all terrain vehicles have more complex tread patterns and deeper lugs for extra grip and traction. These tires are often made with heavier plies for protection against in punctures and tears. Many off road tires come with stiffer sidewalls for carrying heavier loads and resisting punctures.


Off-Road ATV tires come in two different styles as well. The two styles are off road and utility.

The off road tires are designed for aggressive terrains such as water, rocks, mud and dirt. They feature complex, rugged tread patterns and thick, stiff sidewalls for traction and puncture resistance.

Utility tires are designed for machines used on turf or in ranch or farm applications. These tirese feature tread patterns that do not leave big ruts, but still provide traction and stability.

What to look for in ATV Tire?

Let's get down to the bottom-line. What to look for when buying an ATV tire.

  1. Find your tire size, not every tire or tread pattern is available in every size. It doesn't make sense to find a tire you really like if they don't make it for your machine. Start your research by finding the tires that are available in your size.
  2. Pick your application. Find the tread pattern that best suites the type of riding you do. If you spend most of your time on a dirt track, then buy a sport or racing tire. If you spend most of your time on the trail on in the woods buy an off road ATV tire.
  3. Pick your ply rating. If your using your ATV for racing, a lighter ply tire will weigh less and improve your speed. If you are using all terrain vehicle for off-road or ranch work, buy the heaviest ply tire available. Heavier plies means more stability and strength.
  4. Pick a good brand. All things being equal most of the ATV tires on the market today are pretty good. We like BKT, Carlisle and Greenball ATV Tires. They hold up and work well.

Once you have found the right ATV tire, get out there and test them out. Then write a review or post a blog about your experience. The best thing you can do is share your experience with others. This will help them when are trying to decide which tire is right for them.

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