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How to install a Michelin Tubeless Bead Seal System - TBS

Posted by on 10/16/2012 to Forklift and Industrial

What is the Michelin Tubeless Bead Seal - TBS?

The Michelin tubeless bead seal or TBS replaces the need for a tube and flap in Michelin Industrial Tires. This delivers the benefits of tubeless tires without the need to change rims. The Michelin TBS converts standard tube style flat base rims to be tubeless. This simple conversion eliminates all tube related failures and downtime, eliminating rapid deflation's. The Michelin TBS provides performance, productivity and cost saving advantages for industrial operations.


Michelin Tubeless Bead Seal - TBS


When fitting the TBS, it is imperative to use the special ‘needle’ valve. Once the TBS has been positioned inside the tire, a small press will assist with the fitting of the tire and TBS to the rim. If a hydraulic press is not available, a simple manually operated press is recommended (MSPN 45666). The press is used to depress the tire beads to fit the bead seat band and locking ring.

TBS designed for rim widths of less than 6 inches are built with one valve hole to accommodate the valve. TBS for rim widths greater than 6 inches have two valve holes. One valve hole is centrally located, and the other offset. This ensures the correct positioning of the valve in the valve slot. The valve hole that is not used for the valve should be sealed with a small plastic plug.

When a tire is being replaced, it is recommended that a new TBS be fitted. In all cases, it is essential to replace the valve every time a tire is changed and to check that the valve hole is not damaged. If damaged, then the air retention cannot be guaranteed. In this case, the TBS must be replaced. The rim base width must be verified to ensure the correct TBS selection.


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