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Industrial Tire Trends in Fork Lift Tires

Posted by on 11/17/2014 to Forklift and Industrial

Forklift Tire Trends

Three Industrial Tire Trends

Industrial tires are a critical feature of heavy trucks and important for the safe transportation of cargo. They are also used on many kinds of heavy equipment. Here are several industrial tire trends in the works that are important to note.

1. Quality is King

Price is typically a consideration when purchasing products and services. These days, quality appears to be as least as important as price when it comes to buying tires. Purchasing more expensive, longer lasting tires is a decision more and more tire buyers appear to be making. However, lower priced tires aren’t necessarily inferior in quality. Some tires are very affordably priced while still delivering excellent performance. You may also be in the right place at the right time and able to obtain an excellent set of tires at a great price.

2. Trust is Key

Another one of the industrial tire trends is the demand for trustworthy, knowledgeable suppliers. Consumers want to do business with companies that know tires and are not fly by night operations. Tire buyers want to be able to talk to people who can make good recommendations and be a resource for questions.

3. An Improving Housing Market May Lift Tire Sales

The prospect of an improved housing market can have a big impact on the sales of industrial and construction tires. Home builders rely on other suppliers to produce products used for building homes such as concrete, lumber and tiles. These items are frequently very heavy and delivered in bulk loads on trucks with industrial tires. As more homes are built, more materials will need to be transported. Construction equipment used to build homes like skid steers and fork lifts that use fork lift tires will need to be outfitted with reliable tires as well.

Consumers have many options when shopping for industrial tires. The companies best suited to responds to their customers’ needs and provide quality service are in a great position to take advantage of economic opportunities on the horizon.

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