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Kanati Mongrel Tires

Posted by on 4/8/2015 to ATV

Kanati Mongrel Tires

Kanati Mongrel Tires Offer Top-Performance on Many Different Terrains 

As many all terrain vehicle (ATV) riders are already well-aware, finding the right tires can be exceedingly important to ensuring both safety and unbeatable function. Fortunately, Kanati Mongrel tires offer an effective multi-purpose solution, which can help boost performance greatly while also reducing the costs incurred by purchasing specialized tires. This can help riders of all skill levels perform to the best of their ability no matter the terrain in question. 

Enhanced Racing Capabilities 

For ATV riders that regularly partake in racing, the Kanati Mongrel brand has much to offer. These tires have proven highly beneficial for both novice riders as well as seasoned professionals during highly competitive desert races like the world-renowned Baja 500. Such superior performance is thanks to a seamless blending of stability, traction, and durability, resulting in an all-purpose tire that doesn’t skimp on performance. 

Ideal for Numerous Environments
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Kanati Mongrel tires is their ability to perform on many different types of terrain without decreasing in quality. This includes peak-performance capability on rock trails, desert environments, and even harder surfaces when street riding. Kanati Mongrels can also stand up to off-road conditions, and are great for generalized trail riding. 

Compatible with Side-by-Side Vehicles
Kanati Mongrels can even be used on side-by-side utility terrain vehicles (UTV). Side-by-side UTVs typically contain anywhere from 2 to 6 seats, and are used for both off-road work tasks in addition to recreational purposes. Tire performance is especially important when undertaking work duties such as hauling, which requires rugged and sturdy tires to ensure both property and workers remain protected. 

The Right Tires for Your Needs
When it comes to ATV/UTV performance, securing the right tires for your needs can be exceedingly important. While specialized tires may be called for in some circumstances, having a set of reliable all-purpose tires can help boost performance while also saving money for riders. In this event, Kanati Mongrel offers top-performing multi-use tires suited to both and work and play.

Kanati Mongrel Tire
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