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Lawn Tractor Tire Tread Patterns

Posted by on 2/20/2012 to Lawn and Garden

Lawn Tractor Tire Treads

Lawn tractor tires come in many shapes and sizes. Some lawn tractor tires are designed to protect turf, others are designed for extreme traction. No matter the size or the application it is important to match the right lawn tractor tire tread to the job. 


  Tire Tread Pattern Tire
Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn Tractor Tire Chevron Turf Tire
Good for home lawn tractors and most consumer grade turf equipment
Found on the Carlisle Turf Saver Tire, Carlisle Turf Saver II Tire, BKT LG 408 Tire
Carlisle Multi Trac CS Lawn Tractor Tire Diamond Turf Tire
Good for commercial lawn equipment, better traction, deeper tread.
Found on the Carlisle Turf Master Tire, Carlisle Multi-Trac C/S Tire, BKT LG 306 Tire, Carlisle Turf Trac R/S Tire
Carlisle Ultra Trac Tire

Modified Chevron Turf Tire

This tire is a combination of a more agressive bar tread and a more turf friendly chevton tread. Good for areas where traction is more important.

Found on the Carlisle Ultra Trac Tire, BKT Tracmaster Tire
BKT TR 315 Tire Bar Tread Tread Tire
Similar to agricultural tread, this tire is all about traction. Deep lugs give excellent traction regardless of the terrain.
Found on the Carlisle Super Lug Tire, Carlisle Tru Power Tire, BKT TR 315 Tire
BKT LG Smooth Tire Smooth Tire
This tire is completely smooth, it was designed for use on zero turn mowers.
Found on the Carlisle Smooth Tire, BKT LG Smooth Tire
BKT LG Rib Tire Straight Rib Tire
This tires features shallow ribs for the ultimate in turf protection while still providing a minimal amount of traction.
Found on the Carlisle Straight Rib Tire, BKT LG Rib Tire




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