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Michelin Bibload Hard Surface

If you own or operate telescopic equipment or compact loaders, then Michelin has got some great news for you. Throughout North America, the company is going to offer fantastic Michelin Bibload Hard Surface tires. These tires are now on sale to the general public, so anyone can get them for their vehicle. They are going to be an expansion to Michelin’s current lineup of tires. Some of the most advantageous features to take note of include a longer tread life and a newly-designed tread. 


The primary function of these tires is to be useful during solid surface or asphalt applications. Effectively, this new tire is going to be the hard-surface variation of Michelin’s XMCL all-terrain backhoe radial tire, which was designed for applications involving soft surfaces. Whether you are driving over terrain that is covered in water or snow, the Michelin Bibload Hard Surface tires are going to be capable of handling it. Additionally, the tires are able to make transversal, longitudinal and lateral movements. In order to handle this variety, the tires are constructed with long-lasting sidewalls and multi-directional tread. 

Available Sizes

Plenty of sizes are offered, so you can find the perfect one that would work best for your vehicle. Initially, only two sizes were available. They included the 460/70R24 and the 400/70R20. However, throughout 2015, six more sizes were added, bringing the total to eight options.

The Four Key Benefits

If you choose to get these tires for your own vehicle’s use, then there are going to be a few great advantages you will see immediately. These include:

1. Increased Lifespan: Due to the optimized footprint of the tires, they are going to have an increased longevity when compared to similar ones.

2. Greater Resistance: When you purchase a tire, it should last for a good amount of time before you need new one. Get peace of mind by knowing that the Michelin Bibload Hard Surface comes with reinforced sidewalls to protect them from scrapes and slashes.

3. Lowered Hourly Costs: The enhanced lifespan of your tires is also aided by the presence of a lugged tread.

4. Improved Stability: As you are driving, you will likely come across slight variations in the road condition. The tread rigidity assists in providing greater comfort than what you would get from other tires that could not handle bumps and cracks in the road as well.

Michelin Bibload Hard Surface Tire

Information About Michelin

The quality you are going to find in this tire is on par with the quality you find in similar Michelin products. Michelin is a household name, and they have earned a well-deserved reputation across the country for providing superior tires for a number of vehicles. Whether you drive a motorcycle, automobile, farm equipment, earthmover or heavy-duty truck, Michelin is going to manufacture something you can use. They even make tires for airplanes. With 20 manufacturing plants scattered around Mexico, Canada and right here in the United States of America, Michelin is able to meet the demand for producing high-quality tires. 

If Michelin Bibload Hard Surface sounds right up your alley, then get them for your vehicle. Once you drive around with them, you will wonder how you ever got by without them. 

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