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Michelin CereXBIB 2 - Carrying the weight, protecting your soil

Posted by on 10/16/2018 to Farm and Tractor
Michelin has introduces a new tire for the ever growing harvester equipment market. Today, a number of combine harvesters and other harvesting equipment are available in more sizes, including machines that have grown to perform with high capacity loads. With heavier equipment can come an increased ground pressure further impacting the quality of soil. Enter the Michelin CereXBIB 2, a tire designed to carry the weight of higher load capacities with while still maintaining low pressures in the field. 

Lower speed, higher capacity
Available in a myriad of sizes and designed with Micheline’s CFO+ technology, CereXBIB 2 excels past the previous generation tire by adding a lower 6-mph cyclic loading table over its predecessor’s standard 10-mph loading table. With the lower 6-mph cyclic loading table farmers can expect to see an additional 10 percent in load carrying capacity at the same pressure. Likewise, the CereXBIB 2 can carry the same load at a lower pressure to maximize flotation and minimize soil compaction. In fact, the Michelin CereXBIB 2 can be operated at as low as 17 psi while still carrying up to 21,740 pounds.

New technologies 
To ensure the soil compaction is minimal under such a heavy load the contact patch of the Michelin CereXBIB 2 can expand up to 35 percent. The tread of the CereXBIB 2 is also designed to increase traction, along with improving safety and up to 10 percent in fuel savings  by incorporating Michelin’s Ultraflex IF & VF technologies for tires designed to strong carrying capacity, low ground pressure, and high levels of traction in the field. 

Many sizes to fit your needs
The Michelin CereXBIB 2 will be available in front tire sizes: VF520/85R42, VF580/85R42, VF710/70R42, IF800/65R32, IF800/70R32, IF800/70R38, IFVF900/60R32, VF900/60R38 and VF900/60R42. 

In rear tire sizes the Michelin CereXBIB 2 will be available in sizes: VF500/85R34, VF520/80R26, VF520/85R30, VF620/70R26, VF620/70R30, VF710/65R30 and VF750/65R26.

Michelin CereXbib 2
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