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Michelin Power Digger Tires

4 Reasons to Love Michelin Power Digger Tires

When you work in the construction industry, you know that your vehicles’ tires need to stand up to a lot. You need to put the best on your wheeled excavators so you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of replacing a tire. Consider investing in one workhorse of a tire—the Michelin Power Digger. Here are four reasons why this might be great for your vehicles.

1. It Offers Great Stability

One design feature that makes these tires desirable is their stability. As your vehicles maneuver over uneven surfaces, they can remain in contact with the ground. This is because these tires have been designed to perform movement in all directions. The contact patch area is large enough to offer the balance your vehicles need. 

2. It’s Designed for Construction

Another great thing about this tire is that it’s intended for your everyday environment. Your vehicles encounter rough terrain and other tire hazards. The Power Digger is designed to resist these. It utilizes both a directional-lug and bias-ply design so your drivers can sit comfortably on uneven ground and get great traction.

3. It’s Just for Wheeled Excavators

Because these tires were designed with wheeled excavators in mind, they’re more robust than your average tire. It has a 147 load index so your vehicle can carry anything you need it to. The Power Digger also offers great wear. This is because there is added rubber along the center arch. Additionally, the sidewalls are extra thick. This allows the tire to stand up to all kinds of impacts it might encounter on your job site. 

4. It’s Easy to Replace

When your vehicles require a very specific tire, it can sometimes be hard to get replacement parts. However, this problem is eliminated with this Michelin tire. It offers dual fitment so your replacement parts can work perfectly with the originals. 

Because your wheeled excavators do a lot on your construction site, every part needs to be adapted to the job at hand. With great stability and durability, the Power Digger is capable of meeting every work task and then some. 

Michelin Power Digger Tire

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