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Michelin Testing Worn Tires

Posted by Petes Tire Barns on 8/21/2018 to Passenger, Light Truck and SUV
One question often heard in stores is “How long will this tire last?” When making a major purchase, like a new set of tires, the customer wants to know they will at least last awhile. Of course, tire life is based on many factors, like road conditions and the driving technique of the owner. Customers are also wary of how their tires will perform after some time on the road too, and this is something Michelin is cognizant on as well. That’s why, in a recent event unveiling the Primacy 4 in the Australian and Thailand markets, Michelin’s Cyrille Roget, the French company’s worldwide director of scientific and innovation communication, announced that they are now performing real-world testing of worn tires in much the same way as Europe’s New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) crash tests and the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Testing Programme’s (WLPT) fuel economy tests. “The problem is that all testing is now done with new tires. We need testing with worn tires,” Roget told “The only time a tire is new is when it is on the shelf. After that it is always worn to some degree.”

Michelin has adopted the slogan “Safe when new, safe when worn,’ to describe the Primacy 4, and in a press preview event in Thailand a set of warn Primacy 4 tires outscored similar tires from Bridgestone and Dunlop in a 50-mph panic stop test on a soaked road.

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