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Michelin Tweel Golf Cart Tire

Posted by on 4/7/2017 to Golf Cart
A More Relaxing Game With the Michelin Tweel Golf Cart Tire

Golf carts are like plumbers: if they’re doing their job right, no one should notice. Golf carts are utility vehicles that need supportive and low-maintenance tires. The Michelin Tweel golf cart tire is solid and provides the ease and comfort of a pneumatic tire without any of the hassle. If your tires need to be replaced or you’re just tired of dealing with the old ones, consider the Michelin X Tweel Turf.
Michelin Tweel Golf Cart Tire
Dependable and Convenient to Use

Whether your cart is on a golf course or a private property, it needs to be constantly available. Private owners have better things to do with their time than fix a utility vehicle. It’s even worse for golf courses because extra time spent repairing carts can become a big expense. 

With a non-pneumatic tire, you don’t have to worry about checking tire pressure, dealing with air pumps or fixing flats. The Michelin Tweel golf cart tire also replaces the entire wheel and tire assembly. If you ever have a problem with the tire, you can simply replace the whole unit. The sturdy poly-resin spokes make the whole structure more resistant to damage than the air-filled variety. 

Strong for a Comfortable Ride

The Michelin X Tweel Turf is supported by full-width spokes to give solidity without much extra weight. This design absorbs the vibration and impact of driving. Uneven terrain, gravel and speed bumps do little to affect the comfort of your ride with the added structure these spokes bring. 

The tread resists wear, provides plenty of traction and preserves your grounds. The advanced compounds and design of the tire mean it stays stable even when driving on angled terrain.

The Michelin Tweel golf cart tire gives you better performance and convenience than pneumatic tires. Ultimately, less maintenance and a longer tire life mean spending less money. It may not lower your golf score, but it certainly makes games more enjoyable with the comfort and security a reliable tire brings.

Tweel Golf Cart Tire
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