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Michelin X One Line Grip D – Fuel economy in all weather conditions

Posted by on 8/7/2018 to Truck and RV
Michelin is aiming to save the fuel budgets of companies operating regional routes in northern climates with the release of their new X One Line Grip D drive tire. The Michelin X One Line Grip D tire is the newest generation of the SafeWay verified line of wide base commercial truck tires that have helped to save millions of gallons of fuel.

The primary benefit of the new X One Line Grip D is that, along with a low rolling resistance, the tire also meets the requirements needed to be 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified in an arctic testing facility, meaning the X One Line Grip D offers 25 percent better snow traction than leading competitor tires. In fact, in a standard snow test the 445/50R22.5 Michelin X one Line Grip D tire traveled 54 percent faster than a Bridgestone Greatec M835 Ecopia of the same size, and 28 percent faster than a Goodyear G392A SSD DuraSeal + Fuel Max tire of the same size.

Available in 445/50R22.5 and 455/55R22.5 sizes, the wide-base tire allows fleets to carry 389 additional pounds of payload over a traditional dual-wheel application, which is a boon for weight sensitive fleets.

Even though the Michelin X One Line Grip D tire features a dual compound tread that offers durability and fuel economy, it also offers excellent retreadability thanks to a bottom layer that runs cool to enhance the life of the casing.

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