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Michelin's New Premier A/S Car Tire

Michelin Premier A/S Tire - Luxury Performance Touring

Yesterday at the North American Auto Show, Michelin Tire announced their newest tire innovation the Michelin Premier A/S tire. The Premier A/S tire will feature Michelin's new EverGrip technology with combines excellent safety throughout the entire life of the tire. Michelin promises that this new tire will stop shorter then the competition even as the tire wears down.

The Michelin Premier A/S will be available starting this spring and will feature a hidden groove that will emerge as the tires tread begins to wear. This expanding groove will help to expel water, which when combined with a special rubber compound will provide excellent wet weather grip.

In the past, tires which rely on grooves between the tread blocks to expel water and maintain traction would loose grip as the tires wear. With the introduction of the this new tire, Michelin has attempted to solve this loss of traction by using a specially engineered rubber compound designed for high traction, an expanding rain groove which will emerge as the tire begins to wear and additional tread groves that will appear as tires tread wears down. The combination of these three technologies has allowed Michelin to create a revolutionary tire that will provide an excellent traction and handling both when the tire is new and as the tire wears.

Michelin Car and Light Truck Tires are known throughout the world as leading the way in tire life, traction and ride.

Michelin Premier A/S All Season Tire

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