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Nokian Rockproof Tire

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 1/12/2018 to Passenger, Light Truck and SUV
Why Off-Roaders Love This Nokian Tire

In 2017, Nokian Tire launched a brand new off-roading tire that is commercial-grade and rock-proof. In other words, the new Nokian Rockproof tire is an off-roader’s dream come true. Customers love it, and it’s easy to see why. Check out these four reasons to choose this new tire if you love off-road adventures. 

1. Incredibly Durable

Crawling up boulders, summiting mountains, and flying down trails are not activities for the faint of heart. Furthermore, these fun pastimes aren’t for weak tires. Nokian Tyres specifically designed these parts to take on anything you throw at them. 

2. Appropriate for All Areas

While these tires are not all-season, they are all-terrain. Whether you want to explore a forest, quarry, mountain, or old mining area, you can feel confident with these tires under you. Each Nokian Rockproof tire gives you the precise handling you need for any outdoor activity. 

3. Featuring Stone Ejectors

Have you ever had a stone put a stop to your journey? It’s a frustrating event that off-roaders want to avoid at all costs. These well-designed tires do precisely that. 

Each tire has what Nokian Tire calls “stone ejectors.” These features in the tire’s tread push rocks out so that they don’t cause trouble. That’s why they call this line “Rockproof.” 

4. Professionally Tested

These tires weren’t just developed by scientists in white coats and a lab. Nokian Tire put them to the test in real-world situations before releasing them. What they found is that working professionals love these tires. 

The loggers and miners who gave these new tires a shot found that they stood up better than anything else they had tried. Whether driving over gravel, pavement, or dirt, the pros loved the Nokian Rockproof tire. 

These new tires are durable enough to take you through any area you want to explore. With stone ejectors, it’s easy to see why even the professionals love these parts. These are just some of the reasons off-roaders love them too.

Nokian Rock Proof
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