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Nokian Tire Pressure Indicator Sensors

Posted by on 2/23/2012 to Farm and Tractor

LED Tire Pressure Indicator Lights

Nokian Farm Tires and Forestry Tires

Make Tire Pressure Checks Easy

Nokian has developed a tire pressure sensor kit to overcome the challenges of monitoring air pressure in your equipment.


Constant pressure control.

No need for regular pressure gauge checks anymore.

The led indicates the need for pressure adjustment.

Increase in tire and tube life due to right operating pressure.

No more tire failures due to running tires under inflated.

Nokian Low Tire Pressure LED indicator lights are designed to easily see when your tires pressure has dropped below a preset level. This allows the operator to quickly see when a tires pressure needs to be adjusted by flashing a red LED. An LED that looks similar to a valve cap is screwed on the valve stem. If the pressure drops the LED light will flash for 30 days.

Nokian LED Tire Pressure Sensors

The way that the sensor is calibrated is at the time that it is FIRST screwed on a valve stem. So what needs to happen is this. You only get to do this ONCE!

  1. Make sure the tire is COLD
  2. Make sure the tire has the correct pressure. (use a gauge that has been calibrated)
  3. Make sure that the sensor stays in the position that is was first calibrated in if tires are rotated and there are different pressures recommended.


What do I do when the LED starts flashing?

  1. Unscrew the Tire Pressure LED with the anti-theft tool.
  2. Adjust the tire pressure to the recommended value.
  3. Reinstall the Tire Pressure LED.

Nokian Tire Pressure LED Indicator (Low PSI) 10-70 psi
Nokian Tire Pressure LED Indicator (High PSI) 60-175 psi
Nokian Tire Pressure LED Indicator (Large Bore) 60-175 psi

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