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Off The Road-OTR Tire Terminology

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 12/16/2011 to OTR
Off The Road-OTR Tire Terminology

Off The Road-OTR Tire Terms

Each different type of tire has a code that helps determine what tread pattern and application that tire is suitable for. Off the road tires are no exception to this coding system. Below is a chart to help determine which tire code corresponds to what tire type for off the road tires.

Earthmover Tires

Earthmover Tires

E-1 Rib Tread

E-2 Traction Tread

E-3 Rock Tread

E-4 Deep Rock Tread

E-7 Flotation Tread

Loader & Dozer Tires

Loader Tires

L-2 Traction Tread

L-3 Rock Tread

L-4 Deep Rock Tread

L-5 Extra Deep Rock Tread

L-3S Smooth Tread

L-4S Deep Smooth Tread

L-5S Extra Deep Smooth Tread

Grader Tires

Grader Tires

G-1 Rib Tread

G-2 Traction Tread

G-3 Rock Tread

G-4 Deep Rock Tread

Compactor Tires

Compactor Tires

C-1 Smooth Tread

C-2 Grooved Tread

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