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Off-the-Road Tire Trends for Today’s Marketplace

Posted by on 12/4/2014 to OTR

Off-the-Road Tire Trends

If there is any indication that the recent recession is at long last, nearing its end, it’s in the skyrocketing success of the off-the-road tire (OTR) market, and the emergence of an array of popular and timely OTR tire trends. While high demand of the tires often used in worldwide mining efforts suggests an imminent end to the recession, it can also mean a shortage in particular sizes and styles, which is why many tire manufacturers and distributors are making an effort to replenish their supplies so that you, the consumer, don’t find yourself without what you need.  


Notable Numbers


The demand for OTR tires grew substantially throughout 2010 and 2011, as increasing global demand for materials like coal, copper and steel led to the reopening of many mines that had closed in 2009 when the recession kicked into high gear.


While at one point, 63-inch OTR tires proved most popular, many mining companies have since scaled back the size of their most commonly used trucks, making 57-inch OTR tires particularly desirable. With the increase in interest of tires of this size came a shortage in 57-inch tires, however many tire-makers have since made up for the shortage by hiring additional workforce and increasing their production numbers to satisfy new OTR tire trends. While smaller tire models have become increasingly popular in recent years, experts predict that demand for large tires will grow between 3 and five percent


New Products and Designs


Another emerging trend within the OTR tire market is the use of technology to provide critical data as it relates to running temperatures and air pressure. Not only is this information useful for you, the driver, but it also helps tire manufacturers modify their products and make changes as needed.


Surviving Industry Ebbs and Flows


The tire production and distribution industry is used to experiencing highs and lows, and OTR tire trends have been shown to change significantly over time. Tire distributors who have survived these peaks and valleys have done so by offering desirable products at affordable prices, while simultaneously developing and maintaining solid relationships with manufacturers, service technicians and regular customers.

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